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Welcome to the Chartered Surveyors Training Trust

The Chartered Surveyors Training Trust provides 16 to 24 year olds with the life changing opportunity of a debt free and tutor supported surveying apprenticeship. We support young people to become qualified surveyors regardless of their academic, social or financial circumstances and our programme of support runs from application to qualification.

Why become a surveyor?

Surveying touches almost everything in our lives, shaping much of the world in which we live. Surveyors spend their careers measuring, valuing, protecting and enhancing the world’s physical assets – right now, somewhere in the world, surveyors are busy creating the latest Olympic stadium, protecting fragile reefs from destruction or negotiating the next big property deal.

Take a look at the surveying industries website (http://www.rics.org/uk/the-profession/) to find out more. This will introduce you to the most diverse profession on the planet and will demonstrate the enormous variety of paths your career could take.

Why study with the Trust?

Because you are unable to start your surveying career without additional support. This support may be financial, academic or because you have other responsibilities that mean you need additional help in undertaking your studies. Studying with the Trust means that you can:

  • Study without any debts arising from college or university fees
  • Receive educational support and guidance
  • Gain invaluable work experience
  • Get help to find a job which pays
  • Earn whilst you learn
  • Work with industry-leading firms
  • Study with leading educational establishments

Our Programme:

The Trust’s apprenticeship programme runs for two years and leads to qualification as either:

  • A building surveyor
  • A quantity surveyor
  • A valuation surveyor
  • A commercial property surveyor
  • A residential property surveyor

The programme includes:

  • A foundation programme (if required) to get you started on your formal programme of study
  • Either
    A Level 3 National Vocational Qualification in Surveying, Property and Maintenance or
    A 2 year period of structured competency based work experience with a CSTT and RICS approved firm
  • Either:
    A Level 3 Diploma in Construction
    A Diploma in Surveying Practice
  • The RICS Associate qualification
  • Paid employment
  • An apprenticeship qualification

After the apprenticeship you can go on to become a Trust Managed Student and to take an RICS accredited degree (usually over 3 years) and the RICS Assessment of Professional Competence in order to become a chartered surveyor.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for the Trust programme you must:

  • be aged between 16 and 24
  • have four GCSEs or a UK Level 2 qualification or equivalent* (preferably four GCSEs with grades A-C in English, Maths and Science). Support may be available if you do not have these qualifications
  • be eligible to live, work and remain in England
  • have a strong interest in Surveying
  • face a barrier that prevents you from accessing the surveying profession without the Trust’s support

* Entry requirements can differ depending upon local colleges and specific vacancies.

Please note that if you already hold a degree qualification in any subject you will not be eligible for any of the Trust schemes.

After your apprenticeship

When you complete your apprenticeship you will then have the opportunity to continue with the Trust as a ‘Managed Student’. This will allow you to progress to study on a surveying degree and to take your RICS Assessment of Professional Competence in order to become a Chartered Surveyor. Bursaries and Scholarships are also available for successful applicants wishing to become Managed Students and whose employers are not able to provide financial support for fees.

Whilst the Trust endeavours to place all successful applicants we cannot guarantee placements; the final decision lies with the employer and therefore we would advise all applicants to consider other career options in conjunction with their application to the Trust.



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