The Chartered Surveyors Training Trust (CSTT) has been creating opportunities for people to start a career in surveying for over 30 years.

We aim to provide life changing opportunities for people to become fully qualified surveyors, regardless of their academic, social or financial circumstances.

We were established in 1984 by the Surveyor’s Livery Company, the Worshipful Company of Chartered Surveyors, and became an independent charity in 1987, though we retain very close links to our founder.

The Worshipful Company of Chartered Surveyors, established in 1977, has, through the generosity and enthusiasm of Liverymen, accumulated considerable charitable funds. Currently the Trust is administered by members of the Court as appointed Trustees and advised by the Charitable Board.

At least fifty percent of the proceeds from fundraising events, regular donations and bequests from the Livery and from investment income is given in grants to a number of charitable causes selected by the Trustees, the remainder going to reserves to build further investment income. The Chartered Surveyors Training Trust has become the flagship beneficiary of the Trust with a significant commitment currently being paid to support the growth of apprenticeships in surveying.

Over the last 30 years the CSTT has provided opportunities for surveyors to enter the profession. The charitable nature of the CSTT has enabled many people from a variety of backgrounds who would not otherwise have had the opportunity to enter the profession. In 2010 there were 4 apprentices going through the CSTT programme and we now have over 300 apprentices working their way through the diploma or degree in Surveying.

For aspiring Chartered Surveyors, a student can now leave school, become employed, receive a diploma, and then a degree followed by MRICS, with the additional advantage of having no debt from attending University through the conventional route.  CSTT recruit in Spring for Summer work placements and Apprenticeship programmes starting in October. The success and growth to date is down to the leadership of the CSTT, an experienced and passionate hard working team, and the support of our stakeholders and donators.


Richard Carter CSTT testimonial

Case Study: Richard Carter

The Chartered Surveyors Training Trust truly changes lives – I am living proof of that. At the age of 16 I knew I wanted to be a Surveyor. The stumbling blocking for me was that you had to complete college and university courses to achieve it.

I was struggling at school and my grades were not great. I wasn’t a disruptive child, I just struggled to take things in when either reading or being taught. I needed to do something different if I was going to become a surveyor.

I came across a post in my local Careers office. An apprenticeship in surveying, which meant being employed but studying on a part-time basis. This was perfect for me, it allowed me to learn through work and apply that to my studies.

I adopted that method through my entire career. I learnt through my professional day to day duties, which related to the topics that I was studying. Anything I didn’t know or struggled with, the CSTT staff provided me with valuable help and support to succeed. I passed my ONC, then went on to get my degree and later become a Chartered Building Surveyor. None of this would have been possible without the Trust. Admittedly I had to work hard, but the Trust gave me that ‘break’ – that ‘chance’.

Even after the getting qualified, I never stopped there. I completed a further degree in Project Management, I went on to become a Fellow of the RICS, I became a member of the WCCS and received the Freedom of the City of London. The proudest moment however was when I joined the board of the CSTT and later becoming Chair. For this, I felt I was able to repay the Trust and help others in a similar position to myself.

I am pleased to say that the Trust has gone from strength to strength and is helping hundreds and hundreds of young people into the profession that I love.

If I can achieve what I have achieved, anyone can.

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