There are two main ways to find an apprenticeship.

The first, and more traditional route, is by searching for existing vacancies via the government ‘Find an Apprenticeship’ site. The vacancies we have at CSTT will all be listed here and you can filter, select and browse through the various opportunities by location and level. Applications can also be submitted via this site. Please follow the link below to view our current vacancies or to register your interest.

The second approach is to contact an employer/employers who may be willing to take on a surveying apprentice. If you drop them a call or send a speculative CV, it may be that the employer would like some more information on the apprenticeship scheme and at this point, you can forward them our contact details.

Unsure which programme is right for you?

Surveyors spend their careers measuring, valuing, protecting and enhancing the world’s physical assets – right now, somewhere in the world, surveyors are busy creating the latest Olympic stadium, protecting fragile reefs from destruction or negotiating the next big property deal.

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