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‘The training trust have been great from the onset right through to the end of my apprenticeship, they’ve provided a point of call for majority of my questions regarding college, fees, progression and more. The support I’ve received has been instrumental in my development, without it I’m certain I wouldn’t have been able to complete my apprenticeship.’ Sam, Level 3 (2015 intake)

‘It really is a foot in the door and will change your life forever. You will gain priceless experience whilst earning a decent wage, working your way towards a degree, and becoming chartered. There is no better way of becoming professionally accredited whilst also becoming proficient and competent through on-the-job experience.’ Barnaby, Level 6 (2015 intake)

‘As a young person, entering a corporate world, it requires a great amount of support, especially as there is so much to learn! The support that CSTT provides means that everyone is there to help with the work I am doing both within my day job and the work I undertake at university.’ Jessica, Level 6 (2016 intake)

‘Doing an apprenticeship with CSTT has allowed me to stand on my own two feet and be as independent as possible. With the continuous academic studying I do one day a week, it has allowed me to be more practical in the work place and with this landed me a full time offer to work as an Assistant Property Surveyor before the apprenticeship has ended.’ Tanbir, Level 3 (2015 intake)

‘As a mature student with a young family, it simply would not have been possible for me to become a Surveyor without the help of CSTT. They have supported me and provided help and guidance throughout my apprenticeship, not only from a professional perspective, but a personal one also.’ Reginald, Level 3 (2016 intake)

“I started working at Mott MacDonald aged 18 through the apprenticeship programme with the Chartered Surveyors Training Trust (CSTT).  I completed my apprenticeship in 2016 and am now a qualified Quantity Surveyor within Mott MacDonald. Not only was my apprenticeship both rewarding and challenging but the opportunity the CSTT gave me for improving my career path was invaluable. They enabled me to launch a fantastic career and for that I will always be grateful.” Mat, Level 6 (2011 intake)


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Surveyors spend their careers measuring, valuing, protecting and enhancing the world’s physical assets – right now, somewhere in the world, surveyors are busy creating the latest Olympic stadium, protecting fragile reefs from destruction or negotiating the next big property deal.