“Martin Arnold have been involved with the CSTT since the company was formed back in 2002. We have always taken an active part in developing the CSTT over the years and continue to gain great reward from still being involved. We see the CSTT as being a crucial part of our business development.” Martin Arnold Ltd.

“We have supported CSTT for 12 years, having CSTT Apprentices in our team throughout, and I recommend you do the same. All our Apprentices have become an asset to our business, and with the CSTT behind them managing their educational pathway, and allowing us to balance the work faced vocational training we provide, we soon see dedicated and enthusiastic Surveyors in the making, and it is inspirational. Thank you CSTT.” MHBC

“Over the years we have taken on a number of trainees through the CSTT and have been very impressed with how they have developed. We have found that we are able to train the candidate to our way of working and that the right candidate can prove to be invaluable to the business. We plan to continue working with the CSTT to develop our existing trainees and to bring in new candidates in the near future” DSB Construction Consultants

‘The Chartered Surveyors Training Trust (CSTT) has been our delivery partner for the quantity surveying apprenticeship for around four years, successfully supporting our apprentices in achieving a 100% pass rate for the level 3 apprenticeship. CSTT co-ordinate, supervise and support our candidates through the process with minimal concern, thus allowing TFL to support the specific training and job experience required by our candidates.’ Transport for London