Hiring apprentices is a productive and effective way for businesses to grow their own talent by developing a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.

Many employers in the property construction and infrastructure industries, and those who employ surveyors, have worked with CSTT to help new entrants get established in the surveying profession.

Benefits include:-

  1. Grow your team while keeping staff costs down
    Investing in apprentices is a cost effective way of growing talent and apprentices are more cost-effective than traditional graduate recruits
  1. Make hiring simpler and cheaper
    We can help you with the entire process: recruiting an apprentice, customising a training programme, accessing funding, and much, much more.
  1. Develop new recruits to meet your needs
    82% of employers take on apprentices to build the skills capacity within their businesses.
  1. Flexibility for existing employees
    Free up your existing workforce so they can do what they do best.
  2. Give your team new skills and energy
  3. They can strengthen your bottom line by improving productivity and enabling you to be more competitive.
  4. They can fill any skills gaps in your workforce, often introducing new techniques and technology to increase productivity.
  5. Apprenticeships can attract higher calibre staff and lead to a more motivated and committed workforce who stay longer, cutting recruitment and training costs.
  6. Apprentices who start their working life with a company can be trained to embrace the company culture and tend to have a higher commitment to the overall objectives.
  7. Introducing young, enthusiastic apprentices into the company can have a positive effect on the business, encouraging a culture of learning.
    96% of apprentice employers say they are beneficial to their business and 83% of employers would recommend apprenticeships to others

 Why Choose the CSTT/UCEM Partnership

  • Flexible delivery – distance learning, blended learning
  • Rigorous recruitment process minimises hiring risks
  • Dedicated pastoral support ensure academic and professional goals are met
  • Each apprentice has a technical mentor from the surveying profession to provide guidance through the technical and professional aspects of the programme
  • Additional learning support for apprentices that need specialist support
  • Robust assessment of maths and English skills

Thinking of taking on an apprentice?

Get in touch with us – if you are interested in taking on an apprentice you need to complete the following form and we will arrange for one of the team to contact you to explain the process.

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