CSTT Schools Competition 2021

We have launched our School Competition for 2021! This is an opportunity for students to apply the skills and knowledge gained from the My Environment My Future schools programme to a real-life scenario through designing a sustainable redevelopment project.

The CSTT School Competition is part of the My Environment My Future schools programme and is integrated into Lesson 5 & 6 of the programme. The Schools Competition provides students with an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have gained during the MEMF programme to a real-life scenario and develop these skills further. 

The challenge presented by the competition is to identify a building or space within their local urban area which requiredevelopment or regeneration, and to design a potential solution of a sustainable building or development. Students must conduct research to justify their plans and consider all the possible methods of making the building sustainable. To enter the competition they then create a PowerPoint or video presentation explaining their proposal.

Deadline extended to the 28th of May at 6pm. 

Who can enter?

The Competition is open to all UK Geography GCSE students in Years 9, 10 and 11. There are no restrictions to the number of entries a school can submit. The entries are designed to be completed in teams but can be completed individually. Competition submission can be in the form of a PowerPoint / Word Documents (Max of 15 slides or 7 pages) or a short video (max 10 minutes).


The winning entry will be selected by the CSTT board and each winning student will win up to £50 in amazon vouchers.

How to enter

For more information on judging criteria go to the CSTT resources section on the website and contact CSTT via for information on how to enter and submit your presentation. 

Good luck and we look forward to your entries! 

20/04/2021 12:20:55