The Livery Showcase 2021

The CSTT were delighted to take part and present at the Annual Careers Showcase Event in partnership with the Livery Schools Link earlier this month.

The Livery Showcase hosted a wide range of virtual talks targeted at secondary school students to promote and showcase the potential career opportunities within the Built Environment.

The presentation was conducted by the CSTT CEO Terry Watts and Infrastructure QS Kimberly Hepburn who both individually brought their expertise and experience to the talk. The presentation highlighted and explored the wide range of career opportunities available within the built environment whilst mapping the potential routes into the various surveying career, with the aim of inspiring and informing students to consider a career within the built environment.  

The Livery Schools Link have kindly asked to add a recording of the CSTT presentation to their website, to provide students and schools with the opportunity to revisit the information. The CSTT were delighted to take part in an engaging and interactive showcase and look forward to further opportunities in the future.  

The full presentation will be available to watch on the Livery Schools Link website shortly and can be currently viewed on the CSTT resources page.

29/07/2021 09:38:03