Winners of the MEMF School Competition 2023 Announced

The MEMF School Competition 2023 has concluded, and the winners have been announced! The competition drew over 850 young people from across the UK, ranging in age from 11 to 19, who presented thoughtful and sustainable designs for redeveloping a building or space in their local areas. The passion and creativity demonstrated by the participants exceeded all expectations, and the expert panel of judges had a difficult task selecting a winning proposal from each age category

The winning proposal in the 11-13 age category was "Community Refuge," from Channing School which suggested transforming a space of over 1000 cubic meters of concrete in North London into a community refuge with a hall and garden. The 14-16 age category was won by "Sustainable Sips," from Malvern College which transformed a derelict building, formerly a nursery, into an eco-friendly restaurant for students, teachers, and locals to socialize and unwind. The winner in the 17-18 age category was "The Reach Cultural & Educational Centre," from John Mason School which aimed to transform the Upper Reaches hotel into a cultural and educational center that fosters cultural unity in Abingdon and supports the refugee population.

The judges were impressed with the thoughtfulness behind the building's new purpose and the innovative, sustainable designs in all three winning proposals. The competition organizers also highlighted the outstanding achievement of the Scout Hall entry in the 11-14 age category, which successfully renovated the scout hall to make it more sustainable and better equipped to meet the needs of the local community.

The MEMF School Competition provides invaluable insights into the hopes and visions of the next generation for our future communities. We greatly appreciate the participation of all the schools and students who took the time to enter the competition this year, and we hope that by taking part, all students and teachers will be inspired to learn and connect with the built environment.

If you missed the opportunity to enter this year, fear not, for the competition will be running again next year. Don't forget to register on the MEMF website to stay updated with all the news and information.

Congratulations to the winners and all who participated in the 2023 MEMF School Competition! Your innovative solutions for a better future are truly inspiring.

16/06/2023 10:30:07